Thor Rinden
was an abstract artist who lived in Brooklyn. His work is held in museums and private collections. Learn more



Born in Marshalltown, Iowa in 1937, Thor Rinden worked for four decades in the privacy of his Brooklyn, NY studio, producing luminous and profound paintings on canvas, wood and paper. Many of Rinden’s most original works are “wovens,” that is, works in which the artist wove colorful, interlocking strips of canvas into patterned designs, anchoring them to stretcher frames; and “slab paintings,” in which smaller, meticulously constructed canvas frames are embedded into larger ones. Prolific in his solitude, Rinden created a body of extraordinarily beautiful work which brilliantly combines his Iowa roots (with its plotted farmland and geometric quilts) with the traditions of New York abstraction of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Read more and see other paintings by Thor Rinden.

The Thor Rinden Trust is advancing the artist’s legacy by placing the finest paintings and constructions in public and private collections. Contact Trustee Maggie Levine here.